New product development requires coordination with the molding experts at SeaHawk and your engineering/purchasing team. There are several requirements to begin the process:

State-of-the-Art Compression, Transfer and Injection Molding Equipment.

    1. Provide a 3D model or 2D print to review
    2. Complete description of the environment the part will be used in
    3. Description of the device/application the rubber part will be used in
    4. Ability to revise dimensions based on moldability of the component – could provide cost savings
    5. Quality requirements
      1. PPAP
      2. CpK
      3. Cleanliness
      4. Tolerances on dimensions and flash
    6. Quantities required – this may affect the process used and the cavitation of the tooling
    7. If an insert is being over molded:
      1. 3D model or 2D print of insert
      2. Include type of material
      3. Need for sourcing of the substrate or customer supplied
    8. Time-line requirements

Our team of experienced experts will assist you in the development of your rubber components. We will assist in developing the materials, molding processes and do all of this to meet your specifications to produce a product that you can depend on.

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